Rio Cricket Association Athletic

Rio Cricket Associação Atlética was founded on August 15th 1897 in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Shepherded by George E. Cox and Basil Freeland, British citizens and descendents who lived in Rio de Janeiro at that time decided to create a space where they could play cricket and tennis. After all these years, the club has kept the pillars from its founders and modernized itself.

Football has been one of the main sports practiced by Rio Cricket’s members. As a matter of fact, the club has formed some prestigious professional Brazilian footballers such as Leonardo Araujo, Daniel Cortes and Flavio Pinto.

Some other important highlights in the history of Rio Cricket are: it held the 1st soccer football match of the State of Rio de Janeiro in 1901, the 3rd official football match of Brazil, it had the 1st tennis court of Brazil and participated in the Rio de Janeiro tournament from 1906-1915.

The founders adopted the colors green and yellow as the ones for its flag paying homage to Brazil, the country that has generously welcomed them and the new members of the club.